What is an Owner Statement

As part of our service, we offer owner statements, cash flow reports and distribution payments, and you’ll receive these monthly and at the fiscal year end. The Owner Statement report shows a summary of ‘money in, money out’ by way of income, expense, liability and equity transactions for a period of time, by owner portfolio. The Owner’s Statement is not a formal financial report, but rather a simple summary to give the owner an overview of their properties cash related transactions.


Components of Property/Owner Reports

The Owner Statement is typically the main report in the owner packet that is sent out each month. For owners who want to see additional details, optional sub-reports can be manually added to your report list. Some of the more popular reports include:

  1. Tenant Accounts Receivable (A/R) Aging Report:  This report provides a view of all unpaid tenant charges on all leases categorized by 30, 60, 90, and more days due.
  2. Expenses/Invoice/Bills Summary: Summary of expenses for past 60 days. Includes Paid & Unpaid Bills.
  3. Year-End Income Statement (by Month): A 12-month by month summary of income and expenses sorted by building.
  4. Rent Roll: A list of all active leases with summary lease information including current balance and deposit held.
  5. Open Work Orders: A list of open work orders by building.

There are literally hundreds of reports to choose from so please speak to someone from our Property Management Team who can ensure you get what you need to simplify your real estate investment experience.