Benefits of moving during low rental season


From extra savings and added flexibility, read about the top 4 reasons to consider moving during the low rental season!

4 ways landlords can prepare for low rental season


Low rental season doesn’t mean that you can’t still make money on your investment property. With the right preparation and tactics, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your property stays rented during the winter months.

How tenants and landlords can make the most out of small spaces


There are various tricks to maximize a living space so that tenants can live more comfortably. To help, we put together some space-saving tips for property owners and tenants in the 4 most common areas of a home!

Factors to consider when furnishing your rental property


Furnishing your rental property is a big decision but it could lead to long term financial success. If you are a new real estate investor or if you are thinking about upgrading your current properties, here are some things to consider before you decide to furnish your rental property.

Common amenities renters want in their property


As future renters search for their next home, there’s a number of amenities that they look for. Here’s a list of the top 5 amenities that will make your units desirable to attract tons of future tenants!

Ways to diversify a real estate investment portfolio


Building an investment portfolio that includes real estate assets is a great way to build wealth. Here are four options to consider and the benefits of including long term rentals as part of your strategy. 

7 low maintenance houseplants to add to your rental space


Houseplants seem to be making a trendy comeback but they have many more benefits than just adding some colour to a living space. They boost your mood, clean the air, promote happiness. Take a look at these 7 low maintenance houseplants for green thumbs and plant newbies alike!

Short Term vs. Long Term Rental Properties


Are you going to invest in long-term or short-term rental properties? This is one of the first decisions you make as a real estate investor. While there are pros and cons to each type, here’s a breakdown to help you decide which is better for your investment goals. 

A Guide to Tenant Screening


With these 5 tenant screening steps, you can smooth this often overwhelming process. Following this guide will decrease your tenancy turnover rates, save you time in the long run, and lead to lasting relationships with your tenants.

7 Tips For Cleaning Your Rental Property For The Next Tenant


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, cleanliness is more important than ever. You can be assured that your future tenants will want to know the property they are moving into has been cleaned thoroughly and properly disinfected. Here are some tips on how to clean your rental between tenants.