Tips to Prepare your Rental Property for Winter

As the cold season approaches, it’s a good idea for landlords and property owners to start preparing their rental properties for the months ahead. These 4 simple tips will get you started and can help keep your home intact, energy bills low, and your tenants warm!


1. Protect Water Pipes

To prevent your water pipes from freezing, remind your tenants to always keep the heat on, even if they are away from home. The water can freeze, cause the pipes to burst, and cause flooding in your home – all of which can be a costly repair. Be the most aware of uninsulated indoor pipes found in basements or garages. The best way to prevent this from happening is to remind your tenants to never let the thermostat reach lower than 55F or 12C.


2. Snow Removal Plan

Is the landlord or the tenant responsible for ensuring that the driveway, walkway or sidewalk is clear from snow and ice? While it’s usually dependent on the type of rental property (ie. condo or single family home), make sure snow removal plans are clear to tenants. If tenants are responsible for keeping the snow cleared, providing a shovel or some sidewalk salt is a simple and friendly way to help them through a cold winter.


3. Drain Outside Faucets

Now that gardening season is over, be sure to prepare the outdoor faucets for the cold. Just like indoor water pipes, they can burst from the added pressure caused by the freezing water. Start by turning off the water supply valve which is normally found in the basement. Then, disconnect all garden hoses to drain out the remaining water in the faucets. This is relatively simple to do and can be given as instructions to your tenants to complete.


4. Assess windows and doors

You’ll want to make sure that the heat stays in and cold stays out! By assessing your doors and windows for any air leaks, this can help keep your heating costs down. Whether the heating bill is included in the rent or not, this extra step will be appreciated by either the tenant or landlord’s wallet. There are many inexpensive and simple ways to ensure the cold stays out such as installing front door sweeps or indoor window insulator tape.


Winter always seems to come before we know it, and it’s important for landlords to prepare their properties and tenants to avoid any potential headaches or damage. Need a team to help with any maintenance and repairs with your rental? The Cornerstone team is well-equipped to get your property winter ready! Get in touch today!

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