How tenants and landlords can make the most out of small spaces

Rental properties come in all shapes and sizes – some more limited in space than others. There are various tricks to maximize a living space so that tenants can live more comfortably. To help, we put together some space-saving tips for property owners and tenants in the 4 most common areas of a home! 


1. Closets

Whether it be storage closets or bedroom closets, everyone could use extra space to store away their belongings. 

Property Owners 

Shelving or rods  – Make use of the vertical space above or below the current shelves. Don’t want to make any permanent changes? Consider tension rods for simple installations.


Stackable storage baskets – Keep your things sorted with stackable storage baskets for out of season clothing or spare house materials. These work great for top shelves in closets that often don’t get fully used.

2. Kitchens

It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of the home and all the extra appliances, supplies, and food can take up quite a bit of space. 

Property Owners

Rolling pantry – For units that don’t have a proper pantry, a rolling pantry shelf beside the fridge is a great extra feature so tenants have somewhere they can store their food. They are relatively inexpensive and don’t require any installation. 


Cabinet door mounts – Make use of the inside of kitchen cabinet doors with holders for spices or small kitchen gadgets. Plus, removing them at the end of your lease is hassle-free as they are often secured with easy adhesive stickers.

3. Bathrooms

When tenants share bathrooms, there often isn’t enough storage space for everyone’s toiletries and washroom supplies. Extra storage can keep things off the bathroom counter and tucked away from any guests. 

Property Owners

Bathroom mirror medicine cabinet -Consider swapping the mirror or adding a medicine cabinet style mirror so that tenants have another spot to keep the washroom essentials. 


Over the toilet cabinet – These don’t require any permanent installation and can provide tons of extra space for you and your roommates.

4. Bedrooms 

Bedrooms are where people keep most of their personal belongings, and you can often run out of space without the proper storage. 

Property Owners

Built in-wall cabinets or shelving space – Any extra shelving space is always appreciated by tenants. For bedrooms that may have any nooks in the wall, consider some built-in shelves to add functionality to a room. 


Platform bed – Make use of the space underneath your bed by purchasing a bed frame that has space underneath. This way you can store bins or boxes with any spare clothes or belongings you don’t need everyday access to. 


Going the extra mile to make use of small spaces can make the world of a difference for tenants living in a smaller property. Thinking of making more permanent upgrades to maximize space in your home? Get in touch with our Cornerstone Select Renovations team today!