7 Tips For Cleaning Your Rental Property For The Next Tenant

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, cleanliness is more important than ever. You can be assured that your future tenants will want to know the property they are moving into has been cleaned thoroughly and properly disinfected. Here are some tips on how to clean your rental between tenants.

1. Require Tenants to Clean Thoroughly

The cleaning process should start with the existing tenants who are leaving the property. You should already have an agreement in place that clearly states the condition the property needs to be in when they leave, but it can help to provide tenants with an additional checklist of what needs to be cleaned so there is no confusion. Improper cleaning can be a reason to withhold or deduct from their deposit, so make sure you do a thorough inspection before returning the deposit.

2. Reclean the key areas

Even though your previous tenants have cleaned the place we recommend going back and cleaning the key areas again. This includes areas like the entryway kitchen, dining area, and bathrooms. These are key areas that new tenants will look at and even the perception of a “dirty” unit can throw people off.

3. Clean carpet and paint

You may not need to deep clean the carpet or paint after every tenant, but you should do it as often as you can. A professionally cleaned carpet will stand out to prospective tenants, and a simple fresh coat of paint will cover any wear and tear or marks on the wall. Not to mention the fact that carpet can collect germs that could be harmful to the next tenants. 

4. Inspect the forgotten areas

Cleaning a whole unit can be a big job, so it’s easy for people to miss the not so obvious spots. Make sure to check appliances (inside and out), light fixtures, air intake vents, blinds, door handles, window frames, fireplaces, cabinets (inside, above, and below), and inside closets.

5. Don’t forget the outside

The appearance of a property’s exterior can make a big difference when attracting new tenants. This is particularly important if you are renting out a single-family home or townhouse. Make sure the yard is in order and things like the sidewalks, driveways, porches, gutters, siding, windows, and doors are all looking their best. In many cases, a simple pressure washer can make all the difference. 

6. Disinfect

Cleaning with soap and water is great for getting rid of dirt and grime, but you’ll need a proper household cleaning disinfectant or bleach to completely get rid of viruses or germs like COVID-19. Make sure to clean high touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, toilets, faucets, sinks, etc. For more about how to clean for COVID-19 check out this article from the CDC. 

7. Create a detailed checklist for next time

Creating a detailed checklist that covers the cleaning process will save you time and ensure you don’t miss any of the often forgotten areas. This list can also serve as the cleaning checklist you provide tenants and will make it easier for you to do the final inspection. Each property will have its own set of unique nooks and crannies, so it may also be helpful to create notes on what to look for in that specific unit. 

Cleaning is obviously just a part of getting your investment property ready for the next tenant. Follow our blog for more tips on managing your property and getting the most out of your investment. 

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