We Don’t Sell, We Solve Problems.

4. We Don’t Sell, We Solve Problems.

The only reason anyone willingly gives us their hard-earned money is to solve a problem that they are otherwise unable or unwilling to solve on their own.

When working with our clients (both tenants and owners) it’s important to understand their needs. In order to do this we need to be good listeners to reach a common appreciation for their past, present and future challenges and how our services can help to alleviate those problems.

While we may not be so brazen as to ask our clients “What’s Your Problem?” that is really what we want to know. By asking the right questions, listening attentively and leveraging our years of experience we can adequately anticipate a client’s needs, potentially even discovering needs they didn’t know they had.

Once we have established this level of understanding we can then create a tailor-made solution to address any immediate needs and then sequentially apply the right solutions to achieve the desired outcome. An outcome that is mutually beneficial and creates a win-win situation for all parties involved.

You see, when we really understand a client’s needs (possibly even more than they do) then the “sales process” comes naturally. This way, we don’t sell the customer the more expensive option instead we give them the solution most appropriate for their problem. The evolution occurs once we’ve proposed a solution that addresses the needs of the customer and makes them excited about conquering the problem in a way that makes ethical, logical and financial sense. Hence, we don’t sell. We solve problems.

That is the difference with Cornerstone Select Properties, we are a solutions-based service provider, not a sales office. Because we don’t sell we solve problems people are often relieved to learn we will tackle a stubborn issue that has been plaguing them for quite some time. This creates a sense relief and satisfaction which leads to word of mouth advertising.

That’s how we build our business one customer at a time.

In fact, if we don’t focus on solving problems then we’re doing something wrong and we won’t survive as a company. On the other hand, when we really do it right, we have an unassailable advantage that no competitor can match.

When you work in a problem-solving environment and provide an awesome service you create a great customer experience.

Our employees know that a successful outcome only occurs by developing a warm trusting relationship with the customer and as we get to know our customers we will figure out how we can help them succeed.

Also, by understanding applicable laws such as the Residential Tenancies Act, Ontario Building Codes, Municipal By-laws and fire code regulations which govern our industry and putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes, we are able to achieve this successful outcome.

As a solutions based service company we think there’s no reason why every business should not see itself as existing primarily to solve people’s problems and to make the world a better place. That’s the higher purpose for Cornerstone Select Properties and the drive behind a more conscious form of capitalism.

Of course for this solutions-based, problem-solving approach to work you need to have great employees who are smart and creative enough to think well on their feet and can put the customer first by asking questions and actually listen to the customer’s answers.

In the words of Stephen Covey; we “seek first to understand, then to be understood” then the rest just follows naturally.