Technology & Owner Statements


At the centre of our professional management approach is our Internet-based management tools. Our websites, and, are available 24 hours a day to Landlords and Tenants offering useful information, available rental units and downloadable and printable forms. For example, applicants can download the 
“Rental Application Form” directly from our website.

Our advanced property management software allows us to provide effective communication,
financial management, and reporting tools in one easy-to-use interface that gives our clients insight into nearly every aspect of their property.


We offer an on time accounting system that offers precise monthly income and expenditures and year-to-date totals for easy tax preparation. Owners receive monthly statements and cash flow reports along with distribution payments. Distributions may be received via Cheque or Direct Deposit to your account. Reports and distributions will be sent to you after the 15th of the month (i.e. January’s statement period would be December 16th – January 15th – therefore, statements are sent the 3rd week of each month) and an annual statement (and tenant rent receipts) are sent out by the end of January each fiscal year.

You can click here to access your Owner Portal