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Welcome Fellow Rock Star Inner Circle Members!

We’ve spent the last 5+ years immersed in the real estate investing world and have been busy re-defining the term “Property Management”. We prefer to conduct ourselves more like “Investment Managers” with a 360 degree focus on the business of owning investment real estate.

Don’t get me wrong — property management is very important, and so is tenant management, cash flow management, vacancy & advertising management, paperwork management, inspection management, legal, accounting, tax, by-law, fire and building code management, etc.

To effectively manage a property you need to see the bigger picture — you need to think like an investor.

Tenants, Property and Cash flow. Those are the 3 key ingredients that form the basis of a good investment and are all inter-connected. If any single component suffers for too long then the overall investment (think, return on your investment) will suffer.

In the coming weeks and months we are working on a number of different side projects designed to help real estate investors, like you, truly turn your properties in to passive investments.

We’ve been providing private consultations with investors for years, helping with:

  • vacancies (rent & rent-to-own),
  • rents,
  • problem tenants,
  • repairs,
  • renovation planning,
  • working with the city (zoning, garbage, building permits, income suites, etc.).
  • But enough about us. This page is for you.

    As a special promotion to Rock Star Inner Circle members we’d like to offer you a FREE consultation on your property. Whatever problem you might be having we’d like to give you some great advice. No charge.

    Of course that’s not all. If you want more than just some great “how-to” tips we are also giving you 2-months free property investment management service.

    So, What is your problem???

    We want to hear from you. Even if you don’t own any real estate send us your name and e-mail and we’ll include you on our blog where you’ll get some great content. Until we meet again,

    Happy Investing,


    Jeff Varcoe
    President & Owner, Investor & Problem Solver

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