1. Sophisticated and “out-of-town” residents prefer to use the internet to search for rental properties. That is why we utilize multiple Internet locations (that tenants actually use) to promote prospects.

2. We use descriptive ads that are well written to ensure a high response rate. With a larger “tenant pool” we are able to select the best one for the property.

3. The vacancy ad will be a customized rental listing to showcase your properties unique features.

4. We will put up a yard sign to attract local traffic and help viewing tenants find your exact location.

5. Your property will be on our interactive, search engine optimized, website www.HamiltonHomesForRent.com and on other targeted websites specializing in rental property listings.

6. We continuously check our tenant waiting list for prospective tenants and often fill vacancies using our vast network of prospective tenants eager to rent a good home.


On a weekly basis you will also receive our unique “Vacancy Response Summaries” (a.k.a. VRS Reports) which outlines the weekly showing activity including:

• # of e-mail Inquiries

• # of Scheduled Showings

• # of No Shows/Cancelations

• # of Actual Showings

• # of Applications

• Positive and Negative Feedback From Perspective Tenants

Scheduled showing dates & times will also forwarded to you (if requested) as calendar invitations to keep you up to date with actual activity throughout the week.


Securing tenants can be a time-consuming process. During our professional tenant selection and screening process anyone who is interested in renting the unit or house will be screened using the following methods:

>> Proof of employment and income

>> Credit check

>> Confirm the tenant’s references

>> Verify the length of time they stayed at their previous residence

>> Criminal background check (if requested)

After collecting and verifying all the information we submit the results to the homeowner (unless otherwise directed) for final decision to either accept or reject the application.
Upon acceptance of the applicant we will execute the lease agreement, coordinate occupancy and arrange for possession and keys.


We will provide all the necessary agreements, checklists and inspection reports for the protection of your interests.
Upon rental we use a Landlord favourable lease written to be in full compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) so as not to conflict with any Landlord-Tenant Board (LTB) decisions which would supersede said lease agreement.